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Celebrating Momma's Bday || Vlog

Second vlog of the summer! 

My “Barely There” Makeup Look Tutorial is now up! I hope you enjoy! =]

Vlog of my birthday weekend is now up! Enjoy =]

Me and my sister, Cherrie, have started our very own vlog together. We just love to have mini adventures downtown. We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe and like :)


Find out how to do these easy curls in minutes!


Hope you enjoy the video! <3

(Click the link above!)

So my boyfriend recently got me into watching some skate videos, and I think this guy is so cool. 

Oddly enough, I find watching this so relaxing. 


I am..

- waiting for my block to be over and done with;

- anticipating to see my boyfriend again;

- doing some soul searching to realize what I truly want to do;

- wholeheartedly understanding and accepting the meaning of, “Everything happens for a reason”, because my friends, it fuhreakin’ does.

I’m not gonna stop.

I am such a slacker.

I don’t have my priorities straight. Ever. 

God, help me..

Cat calls. Like stated. Just don&#8217;t.
Stay classy. 

Cat calls. Like stated. Just don’t.

Stay classy. 

Insanity is insanely insane.

That is all.