the sound of love.

Dunno how much I can take. I’m trying my hardest. Seeing the way you act and think, it’s hurting me.. 

The moment you realize that not even loss itself can stop you, that sadness, despair, anger and fear cannot hold you back, is the moment you become perfect. Perfectly flawed, but perfect nonetheless.
Paul Hudson

Do you think I wanna hangout with you just so YOU can talk about yourself again? Nahhhh.. I ain’t bout that life. 

What happened to us?

After all is said and done, what kills me the most is that I lost my best friend in the process..

If it’s meant to be, it will be..

It starts today!

Although I’m writing this at 5am, I have consciously made the decision that I am gonna change my perspective on life and change my habits. If I don’t start now, when am I gonna do it? When I’m 30? No.. because I’m gonna do it right now (well, in a few hours). 

These past few months after graduation has been somewhat bittersweet. I mean, yes I’m done with school (in the meantime), but what good is that if I’m not doing anything about it? I know this isn’t just me because people who have graduated tell me all the time that they too have been in the same position. I’m not gonna sugar coat it and say, “oh it’s just a phase”. That’s only an excuse. I don’t want to make excuses anymore. It sucks! Not only because I’m not doing anything about it, but because it makes me feel worthless and pathetic. I feel pathetic waking up past noon. I feel pathetic not being able to be financially stable. I feel pathetic that I have spent years in school just to lay in bed and sleep? What?! That’s not right at all.

Although these past few months have been a roller coaster of losing and losing some more, I feel that if I weren’t in this position, I wouldn’t be able to realize that I am worth more than this. I can live my dreams and pursue my goals if I just start now. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but as long as I start then I know I will get there.

Believe me, if you’re in the same boat as me then take this as a reminder, as a boost of motivation. We are in this together. And guess what? You and I have something in common, and that is that we are starting today. 

So tell me this, are you willing to start today?

Because I sure as hell am!

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Caved in. Wtf.

…everything is a wtf moment these days.